Creative Art

ArtDesi is a creative team of artists and engineers, awarded with a talent to imagine and build environments and inspired brands. Our outstanding designs and creations are driven by the collaborative spirit of our studio that values ​​the evolution of unique and functional spaces through innovation and creativity.

We understand that individual inspiration can only be realized through the power of collaboration. Our team is a collection of imaginative and energetic artists, designers and engineers. Together, we speak many art languages ​​and represent a full spectrum of possibilities, being pioneers in the most intelligent and meaningful solutions for our clients.


Project Manager

Smith leads the team at Agency, with a specific focus on growing Agency’s creative services.

Michael Dennis

Creative Director

Dennis is one of illinois top creative campaigners and a driving force behind our strategy and brand

Sarah Michelle

Account Manager

Michelle design experience makes her the perfect companion for Agency’s clients on the quest to find brilliant creative expressions for social causes.

Customer Says

We are a team of professionals in construction, art and high quality design focused on solving all your needs in the most efficient way and for your convenience. We work according to your specifications, incorporating your own ideas with ours and creating new ideas.

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